Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Unpacking Your Suitcase

Say goodbye to guilt-filled days, staring at an unpacked suitcase!

Now there is a perfect way to make sure you unpack!

Drop Frozen Blueberries Among Your Clothes

They melt quickly into permanent purple stains! 
Unpack Quickly and Efficiently!

If you can't force yourself to do this intentionally, do what I did and accidentally put the suitcase open in the kitchen right under where you prepare food. Next open up a bag of frozen blueberries and dump them clumsily into a bowl. When one or more fall into your bag, you will be forced to unpack, so as to avoid having to buy all new clothes I cannot afford.

Frozen Raspberries are also acceptable. But the mighty blueberry is smaller, rounder, and will hide in a tiny crevice- so it will force you to take ALL your clothes out.

Do not do this with something like mustard, red sauce, coffee, red wine etc. unless you do it with FROZEN mustard, frozen red sauce, frozen coffee (iced won't work) or frozen red wine. It is important that the blueberry be a ticking time bomb. This will inspire you to save your clothes, instead of depress and overwhelm you. If I spilled mustard on my open bag of clothes, I would lie down on the kitchen floor next to it and give up.

Waste no time! This offer may not last, so Drop Frozen Blueberries Among Your Clothes TODAY- and live guilt free!

Idea does not cover what to do with unfolded clothes after removal from Blueberried Bag. Idea does not assume any responsibility for stained clothes, ruined clothes, or unfolded clothes. If problem persists for 1 week or longer, more drastic measure may be needed.