Monday, November 14, 2011

Impending Holidays and Partying Dishwashers

I am in PA, living with my parents, to do a show for the Holidays- Singing and Swinging and exploring holiday loneliness. As far as I know that is the premise of the show. But really, come see it! (plug! plug!)

Also here is a picture of a promotional card they sent to my parent's home, addressed to me, to remind me that I will be in the show:

That is me on the left. My phone is somewhat intelligent, and when I took a picture of the card with my phone, it put little squares around all the faces but mine.


Also, the dishwasher in my family's home is very strange:

I did the dishes the first day I was home, because my parents fear my presence. A LOT OF DISHES ARE USED WHEN I AM AROUND.