Saturday, November 26, 2011

No Friggin' Angels

My mom is flying around the kitchen scowling at me and my Dad because we now have her hooked on Keurig coffee, and are joking that she now needs it in order to be pleasant in the morning, just like us.

The kitchen is littered with Christmas decorations taken out of the boxes- but not put up in their proper place yet.

She is tensely looking for a mushroom soup recipe in one of her new cookbooks. But all of her cookbooks are hidden under miscellaneous Christmas decor. She angrily whips a gold mesh angel off of one of the books.

Trying to lighten the mood, I say for her "Aghh! There are too many friggin' angels in this kitchen!". (Thinking that "Friggin" was the most appropriate exclamation for her.)

But, this is apparently the last straw, for I have slighted the Lord and his winged helpers.

'Don't say "friggin" and "angels" in the same sentence.'