Monday, November 14, 2011

Search Keywords for My Blog

Well this is timely, because I just changed my Blog name, like a dope. Now none of my 4 adoring fans in Malaysia will be able to find me.

I know you must be curious. "How does NonQuickOatmeal get so many comments hits? She has like 53 hits a DAY. That's 50 random people, who were looking for some quality information or inspiring reading material- who were shuttled here by Google, only to find out that I am completely useless. I can't offer them quality information, inspiration or photography.

Nevertheless....Let's go through the secrets to me getting .... a few hits from my varied audience of non-commenting, disappointed "readers".

1. Sister Pool

What kind of a dumb search was that? Yes it was the one with the sister and the pool and the peaches.

2. Italian cookie tray

They unfortunately found no helpful info here. I don't even know what or why I wrote about italian cookies.

3. Nonquickoatmeal.

Well now I have gone and changed the name and confused those 2 people.

4. A mom who doesn't like dogs

Yep, my mom gave away two dogs, one year after another. Whomever was searching might be comforted by learning that someone else's mother is as cruel as their own mother. I'm glad I can do some good.

5. aroma expresso bar oatmeal

Aw. The old 'Search Words + Blog Title' conundrum. That must've been annoying to find out: "I wanted to know if the hot oatmeal from Aroma was delicious or not! What IS this BLOG!?". However, they don't know that espresso is not spelled "expresso". Dumb.

6. basic non-quick oatmeal

wait.... calling regular (not instant) oatmeal "non-quick" was supposed to be a semi... joke. Apparently it's a legit description! I would urge them to fold chocolate chips into their "basic non-quick oatmeal". Ugh. I'll never forget those days.

7. Black Eye Family Photo

Bingo! This search result actually might have been helpful to them. They were probably wondering what to do for a family photo if they happen to have badly timed black eye. And I am here to inspire them to get EVERYONE in the family to put black-eye-makeup on. You are welcome, sir.

8 and 9. Droopy Eyed Armless Children

Thank you Charlie Sheen.

10. How to not blank during Improv

No help here.