Wednesday, January 25, 2012

God and Chocolate

Sometimes, I look at accidents as "God trying to make me _____________".

This is amuses me for 2 reasons-

1- the idea of "God" making me spill my chocolate chips to make me not eat anymore. Or make me fall down so I will scare off some potential friends who would have led me down a path of destruction and drugs or something- is funny to me. Like a little joke between me and myself. Oh haha! I burned my sweater on the stove! Guess I have too many clothes, GOD! Oh man, my apartment door was unlocked and my neighbor stole all my chocolate, guess I was feeling too safe, GOD!

And reason 2- I kind of mean it. It would be nice to know that all my mistakes were morsels of heavenly guidance:

(If the word God upsets you like it has the tendency to upset me when God and I aren't laughing about my chocolate addiction, use "Life" in it's place. "Life" is trying to stop me from getting into drugs by not being cool enough to walk into a party without falling. I guess people who fall down cartoonish-ly also do drugs too though..... I guess some of you even do drugs. Whatever.)