Friday, February 24, 2012

Stuff Parisians Like

Getting a Kindle for Christmas was a dangerous thing. I drop money on Kindle books like woa.

One book I bought on a whim is "Stuff Parisians Like: Discovering the Quoi in Je Ne Said Quoi". It showed up under "Customers who bought this item also bought:" while I was amazon-perusing some other fluffy French-themed self-help books about unlocking my inner French Amazing Person.

"How-to-be-like-French-people" self help books are one of my favorite kinds. Even though, at this point I realize that it is all just an alluring and marketable stereotype. But, I am still a sucker for books about how the French know how to cultivate their lives with quality and voila they are awesome and adorably rude like only a cat or french person can be!

However, this book, unlike the other "Be Like a French Person" books- is written by a true Parisian. A Sommelier who jovially mocks the Parisian in all of their hypocrisies.

 imagined potential if only to read and implement these books

According to this Book:

He says, each "thing" a Parisian likes originates with their core feeling of superiority to all else. Also, Parisians are little dark rainclouds who poo-poo on everyone's happiness in order to not look enthusiastic like dumb Americans. "Bad feels good for Parisians". 

Apparently nothing is inspiring to them, "except maybe the idea of sailing" and....


They allll loovveeee New York. "It is every Parisian's dream to live in New York". "Nothing is more chic than having New Yorker friends." "When talking about New York, the French language seems to boil down to...: énergie, opportunités, dynamisme... grand, super, genial"

Are these the same Parisians who dislike everything so they aren't seen as grinning idiotes?? 

Yes, Yes they are.

Even though they genuinely hate Americans- they make an exception for Les New Yorkais, because we are different and super genial. 

Well la-dee-da.

I had better start living up to how cool the Parisians thinks I am.