Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I Have Been Doing With My New-Found Creative Energy

Remember how I said I was reading a self help book to unlock all this creativity???

Well, sadly for the world, after one week of creativity-self-help, this is all that was born. It is based on a real text that my brother wrote to my sister.

My mother thinks that it seems like 'brother Peter' is a creep. Which, I guess it sort of could...

He is just supposed to be a bad poet on the other side of the world.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Time Well Spent?

In order to shake up my routine and breathe some life into my brain- I took my day off to go to the shore by myself.

I drove down right after rehearsal yesterday night and spent some quality time catching up on Mad Men- only to find that now Betty and I share two things in common: non-comic weight gain and a benign thyroid nodule. (Those two things may or may not be related. Neither Betty nor I are sure.)


I already rode my bike on the boardwalk and collected shells on the beach.

Not realizing that food might be an issue on my mini trip, for breakfast I ate ice cream I found in the freezer with peanut butter. Do not regret this, though maybe I should considering my eery connection to Mad Men's fat Betty Draper.

I just cracked open a green kombucha that I found in the fridge and it tastes like algae. Because it has algae in it. 

Also, in other news, I forced the shells I found into a mini shell-family to keep me company:

They have a little baby!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

What Should I Be When I Grow Up

Sometimes, one may come to a life-crossroads, and one wonders... what the hell am I doing and where the hell am I going.

And: what should I be when I grow up?

What should I be when I am ... 30? (not 24)?

Thankfully I am reading another Self Help book that promises to help me with JUST THIS PROBLEM.

Weeelllllll, the book is about opening up blocked creativity. But I am hoping it will instead make me extremely free and clear about everything always ever.

You know, like all the other Self Help books I have read.

One of my weekly "tasks" is to make a fantasy list of "Imaginary Lives".

"If you could live many different lives and be different things in all of them, what would you be?"

The point is not to necessarily list realistic things... but instead to enjoy your imagination. Because God Knows I don't know how to make cheese, be a wizard, nor do I apparently even know what marketing even is.

So. There you go. 

But I think I really got some clarity with the last idea on the list: "professional tree climber".

I am going to be a 40 year old professional tree climber- forging my own career path. Looking down at all of you from my comfortable spot high up in an oak tree.

....Maybe the hunger games has infiltrated my brain more than I was aware of...