Monday, April 16, 2012

Time Well Spent?

In order to shake up my routine and breathe some life into my brain- I took my day off to go to the shore by myself.

I drove down right after rehearsal yesterday night and spent some quality time catching up on Mad Men- only to find that now Betty and I share two things in common: non-comic weight gain and a benign thyroid nodule. (Those two things may or may not be related. Neither Betty nor I are sure.)


I already rode my bike on the boardwalk and collected shells on the beach.

Not realizing that food might be an issue on my mini trip, for breakfast I ate ice cream I found in the freezer with peanut butter. Do not regret this, though maybe I should considering my eery connection to Mad Men's fat Betty Draper.

I just cracked open a green kombucha that I found in the fridge and it tastes like algae. Because it has algae in it. 

Also, in other news, I forced the shells I found into a mini shell-family to keep me company:

They have a little baby!