Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Your Higher Self

On my quasi-quest for spiritual enlightenment, I have encountered many detours. And then I often forget I am even on this quest at all. But then something I read, or my own anxiety, or occasional misery will remind me- and I get back on.

The problem is I rarely stick with any practice long enough to see whatever positive benefits may be waiting at the end. But, I guess, there is no end. Except death. And that will apparently come with many benefits unless I am stuck here as ghost. And I hope not.

But back to my Quest

I read a blog last night about some woman doing a meditation and calling on the Higher Self. The all knowing, all-loving, and magical version of ME. And then, in the meditation, asking the Higher Self to take a form and then asking it for a message.

First of all, I assume this blog woman I was reading about is very good at meditating, which, I am not. I just basically lie there and take a nap, or lie there and have my eyes twitch while hoping that some inner peace is being born inside of me.

So, first of all, I probably don't have the ability to just order my Higher Self to appear to me, because I am not actually getting quiet and reaching my inner self ANYWAY.

But, I tried. I lay there and got quiet until my eyes weren't twitching anymore, and then I said in my mind: Higher Self, take a Form!.... And a few seconds later I had the vision of a starbucks barista. And I kept lying there waiting for my Higher Self to take a form. And then I realized: My Higher Self is like a Starbucks barista. It wants to get my order right. And if it doesn't it will make me another drink FREE OF CHARGE.

Then I thought: "But, I get so stressed when I am waiting for my drink if I have ordered a complicated one! I don't trust those baristas!"

And my Higher Self seemed to say...... "Exactly".

My Higher Self. Awwwww
Deep stuff.