Friday, September 14, 2012

The Posts I Never Wrote- Part 3

Third part of my featured aborted posts:

Title: Now I Realize Why People Went To Church
Intended Contents: I was so excited about this one, I remember. I felt like I had a revelation about people going to church more fervently in the olden days because it was way less boring than their stitching and farming, etc. etc. But it turns out when I started to write it, it became obvious and not interesting.

Title: Haircut: What I Learned. UGH
Intended Contents: No idea what I learned then, but I should write a new post inspired by last Saturday called- "Self Haircut: What I Learned. UGH." Where what I learned is: "Don't cut your own hair, especially if it is already short."

Title: Things You May Forget to Clean
Intended Contents: All I wrote was: coasters.

Title: My Hair Is Too Healthy
Intended Contents: But that doesn't mean it looks good.

Title: Miserable Ramblings of a Teenager with Serious Disordered Eating
Intended Contents: These were actual journal clippings from my 17 year old self writing to myself in all sincerity in my "food journal". I guess I thought it was funny because it was so absurd that I truly felt that way and wrote those things.... but upon further reflection it was maybe a little too.... dark. Here is an example-

Title: Skinnygirl Margarita- More Bethenny Lovin'
Intended Contents: I think I was right to abort this.

Title: Mole: Good Spot NYC
Intended Contents: Woa! We are all the way back to when I thought I was a food blogger!

Title: I'm Changing the Purpose of This Blog
Intended Contents: Never wrote anything. But the purposed changed from pretending I had any sort of order in my life- to focusing on the lack of order in my life.