Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Hate Google

You know how Google is using our searches and preferences to bombard us with ads specifically tailored to us?

Well, made that VERY CLEAR TO ME when it presented me with THIS:

The Big Girls' Bra Sale- the day after I ordered a very specially size bra online. Thank you Google, for helping me remember one of my least favorite things.

Then I started paying attention to Facebook ads, which do the same thing, further proved to me by the following ad for the exact shoes I had just been looking at a few hours before. Followed by: SINGLE & CHRISTIAN? 

The day I join a website called "Christian Mingle" is the day you should shoot me in the hands and take away my ability to browse the internet. Also, YES I have been on a lot of dumb diets, Internet, but unfortunately for Medifast, I have put that all behind me and "embraced" my natural form. Hence my needing to order a new, absurd bra-size (above). 

The internet must think I am really into dating and dieting/exercising. And eating. Probably dating because of that short time on okcupid. Ugh why does that judgement call continue to HAUNT me?! But no, I don't want to join an "internet dating/exercise" website.

And finally:
Ouch. After all that, you think I am a man?