Saturday, November 3, 2012

Prostitute Dreams

I know how much everyone loves hearing about other people's dreams, so I am going to explain a dream/nightmare that I had the other night for your reading pleasure.

In the dream, I learned that I was now a prostitute (of sorts). And I was waiting on a large bed with another prostitute for our "clients" to arrive. We were wearing baggy, early 2000s looking t-shirts and jeans. We were very apathetic and low-energy.

I am surprised how resigned I became to my new job right after I learned about it in my dream. There was a sense that I had no choice, so maybe I was a sex slave and I was too afraid to fight my new life-position. Who knows. But I felt quite apathetic waiting on that bed with the other apathetic, early 2000s-clad prostitute.

Then my client entered the room -and it was a chihuahua. I was half relieved and half annoyed. I asked my prostitute colleague if this was for real. She shrugged.

Then all of a sudden the Chihuahua turned into a small dog-sized Tarantula and jumped on the bed beside me.

Oversized Tarantulas are apparently where Dream-Prostitute-Caroline draws the line with her clientele, so I screamed and hit the spider off the bed.

And then I woke up.