Wednesday, February 13, 2013

St. Valentine's Weather

Since many of us in the 21st century have a sickeningly dependent relationship on, THANK GOD they are rising to the occasion and making themselves extra relevant.

What I mean to say is, is joining the "rest of the world" and getting in on some Valentine's-Day-Fun.

Now with the click of a button, it is easier than ever to find out what the weather will be like on Valentine's Day! That Day of Days when all the world rejoices and revels in pure LOVE.

Gosh, will it be... Sunny? Cloudy? How Cloudy? Oh, Mostly Sunny? Well, what is the full forecast!? TELL ME MORE.

  Wait sorry, I should have been more festive:

Yes, please elaborate! Tell me the Full Valentine's Day Forecast, so I can plan accordingly:

Oh.... boring.

But still pretty festive! Look at those BALLOONS! And the countdown! Oh my god Iamsoexcited.


In other news, this was one of their listed "articles":

Click, and you get more:

I don't know. It can't really be explained.


Disclaimer: I wrote this post YESTERDAY on FEBRUARY 12th (MARDI GRAS). Conditions for Valentine's Day MAY HAVE CHANGED. So before you go into tomorrow with plans based on the information above, I urge you to visit to see what the current "Full Valentine's Day Forecast" will be. 

Disclaimer 2: Also I am in New York, so if you live in like, Indiana, or anywhere else in the whole world, you are going to have to check for yourself anyway.

Disclaimer 3: Anyway, this post is not meant to inform you about the weather, it is supposed to inform you about how to inform yourself about the weather. Don't blame me for any of your weather mishaps. It is always smart to have an umbrella in your bag- even though I never do because it's too heavy.