Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Universe's Small Sandwich Gifts

I just spat a big bite of tuna sandwich into my hand- because the phone rang, I am the receptionist, and I had to pick it up. Then I tipped the half-chewed chunk gently onto a napkin and ran to interrupt the wrong person for the wrong call, ran back to my desk, transferred the call to the right person, and picked back up the mushy blob and put it back in my mouth. Sort of like I am simultaneously playing the 3 roles of baby bird, mama bird, and mediocre receptionist.

As soon as I took another bite, the phone rang again. Spit. Repeat.

I have tried to answer the phone with a full mouth before, and it hasn't go over well. Apparently, if you have a huge bite of food in your mouth, it actually does sound like you have a huge bite of food in your mouth.

In the moment, the only other option is to take a painful, unchewed swallow. But then I might choke, and also, in my defense, this was an especially delicious, artisan tuna sandwich from 'Wichcraft. And it was free and up for grabs in the refrigerator, leftover from a lunch meeting they had earlier in the office. As soon as I saw it in there, I knew that it was a small gift from the universe meant just for me, because today I am especially hungry and especially poor.

I also just recently read some spiritual advice saying something to the effect of: "accept the universe's freebies". So I did. Life lessons APPLIED.

So, not wanting to snub the universe, I did everything I could to still get to enjoy the universe's 4 pm small sandwich gift. (Even though, who knows if this was supposed to be a 2nd lunch? First dinner? Sandwich snack? Hard to say.)

This whole thing may be a sad metaphor for life: Try to enjoy something special, spit it out, run around in circles, and then don't even have enough self respect to let it go and instead shove it in your mouth again.

Or an inspiring metaphor: You are the source- the trinity: mother bird, baby bird, and telecommunicator.

Hard. To. Say. But my hands smell like tuna fish now.