Monday, October 28, 2013

You Deserve Everything Probably

Everything: Every food, every tv show, every second of rest, infinite couch time, hours upon hours of no plans, kindness and understanding from everyone, no emails I don't want to respond to, nothing to do the next day or two, nothing to decide, no phone calls- (GOD no phone calls). Etc.

But, nothing like professional massages- because that requires small talk and pleasantries.


Winter- It is cold and dark so it is important to take time for yourself. Also to eat lots of food because otherwise you can die from lack of insulation.

Summer- It is so hot and hard to move fast in the summer - also the sun drains you even if you are doing nothing.

Auditions/Interviews/First Dates- You deserve at least a full day of recovery after any of these things.

During a hangover- Science actually says we deserve everything during hangovers because of electrolytes/sodium and needing to replenish any and all fuel. And also rest and relaxation for your liver but also sometimes some more alcohol for your headache.

During drinking- You need to eat everything you can so you don't get as bad of a hangover.

Doing one productive thing- "I crossed something off my list so now I deserve 3 netflix episodes."

When it is raining- "It is raining which is god's way of telling me to sit inside and do whatever I want."

When something bad happens- When an acquaintance's father is diagnosed with cancer, "it is important that I don't do anything because it would be disrespectful to carry on as if nothing happened."

When something good happens- "Something good happened! I will give myself credit for this! Reward time! Reward time!"

When I'm tired- Um, I'm tired, so leave me alone.

Brunch- Brunch is a special occasion. Restaurants won't even let you have it on days that are not weekends, and you are allowed to drink alcohol and have coffee at the same time which is amazing but also a hard thing to juggle. Remember- you are SUPPOSED to eat things that are confusing because nobody knows whether it is lunch or breakfast or heaven. So order as many meals as you want. Get an omelette AND French Toast AND the assorted pastries plate. Homemade jam? Well, you have to order the bread basket. But keep in mind, if they don't have real maple syrup, you are not having real brunch, just FYI.

Before brunch- The hours before brunch are a confusing time when you will probably be hungry and not know whether to eat breakfast or not because brunch isn't starting til like 1. Eat.

After brunch- That brunch was long and your body is processing alcohol and caffeine so go lie down and watch tv for the rest of the day. It is the freaking weekend.

Period- Everything is hard so I deserve EVERYTHING.

In airplanes- Airplanes mean that everything is up the air. Literally, that wasn't even a joke. Who knows what time it is, and WHO knows when's the next time you'll get your hands on candy coated nuts. WHO knows when you will even be able to walk again. There could be unforeseen delays, layovers, or future baggage issues. Your hotel could have lost your reservation or maybe all of the restaurants and delis will be closed by the time you get to your destination and you won't be able to eat until the next morning. You could be starved out for 2 days. Nothing is certain. You are stuck, and you are going incredibly fast through the air. Our bodies probably think that it has been HOURS or DAYS in the span of minutes because it is being dragged through time and space at an absurd speed that no creator or evolution could have accounted for, THAT is why you are so hungry! So eat or you might die. Point is- follow your heart because airplanes are technically allowing you to not live on planet earth for a little while and that is a crazy thing, treat yo' self. Also, who knows if the plane will crash. Just saying.

In airports- You also deserve everything before and after your plane ride because of all of the reasons I listed above. So you need to gather everything you can while you are still on planet earth.

At night- Well, nighttime is a time when you deserve stuff because you just lived a whole day and did stuff, and even if you didn't, you stayed alive all day and probably worried about all the things you weren't doing, so it is time to relax and let go of your burdens.

In the morning- Morning is hard because you have to get up and get ready to be expected to do stuff. You need to eat to fuel and also you need to get dressed and that is very hard. So bring some light into your life.

Midday- This is a hard time because you have been doing stuff for a while, but there is so much more to go. So, find a way to pamper yourself if possible.

When roommates are out- "This could be my last chance to be alone ever again in my whole life. I won't let it go to waste."

Vacation- Obviously, I'm on vacation leave me alone. I don't want to go to a museum!

After vacations- Vacations are always filled with doing hard stuff, plus you were probably just on a plane for a long time. So, you deserve everything.

When I have money- I have MONEY, I can buy whatever itunes songs I WANT. I ain't doing nothin I don't wanna do.

When I have no money- It is important to pamper oneself in times of lack in order to foster feelings of abundance, or at least that is what The Secret said. So YES, I WILL buy that 7 dollar cookie and 6 dollar cappuccino. Hello universe, here I am.