Thursday, November 28, 2013

I Am Thankful For A Lot (A Free-Association)

Everybody is posting Thankful posts on facebook. And I wasn't going to at all because I don't want to make everything all about me, but then I realized I could sort of one-up those short facebook posts and write a whole long list.

There are too many things I am thankful for, so I am just going to list the first things that come to mind. This is sort of a free-association. Ok:

I am thankful for curtains (that's the first thing I see) because they can make rooms dark when you sleep and also let you get dressed without your neighbors seeing you naked.

I am really, really thankful for clothes and sweaters, especially in the winter, EVEN though I basically don't have any clothes that aren't from Old Navy (and all of my socks and underwear have holes in them).

I am thankful that Old Navy has affordable clothes even though they fall apart and are probably made by small children who deserve better. I hope that is not offensive.

I am so thankful that I am sort of unemployed right now because I get to sleep in and spend holidays with my family. And I also now finally crave having a purpose, which is good.

I am thankful for cars even though they are destroying the planet. I am so thankful for gas even though its expensive and causing wars. (I love being driven places. I love driving. I wish I had a car. Ok.)

I am thankful for trains because they are fast.

I am thankful for buses because they are cheap.

I am thankful that trains AND buses have bathrooms and hand sanitizer in them. I am thankful that highways have rest stops. I am thankful that I don't have OCD and can use public restrooms.

I am thankful for bottled water even though the plastic bottles are never going to decompose.

I am thankful for my phone because it is amazing and beautiful, even though the case is discolored because lipstain exploded in my bag.

I am thankful that I don't care about clothes shopping because I don't have any money to clothes shop anway, (even though the fallout is that I don't have any clothes).

I am thankful for the kindle app on my phone because I can read self help books WHEREVER I GO.

I am thankful for tv shows because it gives me fun things to do, and also makes me feel like I am part of the world, I can pretend it's acting "research", and it gives me bonding things to talk about with people. I might not have any friends if I didn't watch tv. Well I could be friends with people who like Harry Potter. Ok moving on.

I am thankful for New York City for being cool and expensive and pretty and exciting and not too far from where my parents live. I am thankful for Philadelphia for being cool and not as expensive and small and not far from New York City.

I am thankful for Canada for existing.

I am thankful for forests even though there are bugs and coyotes and poison ivy.

I am thankful for phones in general that keep people in touch, even though I get stressed whenever someone calls.

I am thankful for the cold weather to make me feel like I have something difficult to do (going outside).

I am thankful for real fireplaces because they are my favorite smell.

I am thankful for alcohol for making me sociable- and for tasting great and painful in that mouth burny way.

I am thankful that I ate pie for lunch and I don't even care.

I am thankful that I am seeing my cousins today and that I will get to drink wine and eat potatoes even though I am probably going to have to deflect questions about dating and "what I am doing next". (See above about unemployment)

I am thankful for spotify and headphones. Seriously I do not know how people existed in the 70s without portable music.

I am thankful for singing even though I never realize when I am singing to myself and bothering people.

I am thankful for this cool, weird holiday when we are supposed to get together with people we like and be thankful for our lives, even though I know the original one was all centered around stealing land and genocide, etc.

I am thankful for the abundance of food, EVEN though it's all mostly factory farmed. 

(Also did you know that wild turkeys sleep in TREES?!)

I am thankful for a million other things that would take too long to list right now, becuase I am basically thankful for everything- even though nothing is perfect. That's ok.

Happy Thanksgiving.