Thursday, December 26, 2013

Soft Resolutions: Things I'm Gonna Think About Changing in the New Year

I am not into making New Year's Resolutions, mostly because I don't like doing difficult things. I also don't like setting myself up for failure. And I have a rebellious streak (against myself).

Buuuttt there are definitely some things I could (softly and slowly) change, which coincidentally happens to be just in time for the new year.

Here are some of those soft, slowly-changing, rule-less suggestions that I am considering in an "it doesn't matter if I fail" sort of way.

  • grocery shopping- I'm going to BUY ingredients so I can make things that I can eat - instead of eating toast and cheese and grapes every day. I will do this on a regular basis.
  • exercising- I'm gonna exercise at least once a week for, say, 20 minutes. (Like "yoga" or "weights" or pushups or something.)
  • cleaning- I am going to CLEAN, like, once a month, at LEAST. And REAL cleaning. Not just picking up dust bunnies on occasion.
  • Sell everything I own- I am going to list everything I don't want or need anymore for 10 dollars or less on craigslist. And if they wanna come get it and pay me to take it away, then it is theirs. Mostly shoes. Maybe some books.
  • Speaking of, I am not going to wear high heels anymore. This is less of an "improvement" and more of a "how can I care less about what the world expects of me" sort of thing. I am not gonna wear high heels no matter what the world wants. Unless it is an audition. Or a show. Or unless it is a black tie party- (but Ha! I never go to those!). I am also never gonna wear ballet flats because my feet are too wide. So I am ONLY going to wear boots or sandals. Always. Forever. Except for those exceptions.
  • i'm gonna sleep 12:45 - 8:45- I will experience miraculous, spontaneous, magical sleep-cycle healing.
  • i'm gonna eat more during the day instead of at 1 am- This will take some work and adjustment, but... I am determined.
  • i'm gonna remember that I am ok. Generally. That I'm like, cool. You know, self confidence stuff. "Siri, remind me that "you are enough" every day. No IIIII am enough, not YOU. ME. And say it in a more convincing way than your normal robot voice does. Ugh you are good for nothing."
  • I'm gonna make stuff - like - just creative stuff. I don't know yet what it is gonna be. Maybe just another blog post. But I'm gonna do it.
  • remember alcohol tolerance- i'm gonna remember that 2+ drinks is rarely as awesome as I think it will be. Maybe I'll write myself like a phone reminder for whenever I am meeting up with people for drinks. Or maybe every day in my calendar I will have a "remember that 1.5 drinks is almost always enough". And "Siri, remind me that I only want to drink 1.5 drinks max. Repeat this reminder every day at 7:30 pm. Thankksssssssss".
  • I'm gonna have a lot of money- not sure how.
  • I'm never gonna be nervous again- I am just going to remember that everything is fine always and "things work out even when they don't". You know what I mean? "Siri, remind me to never be nervous again. Repeat this reminder hourly. Thanksssssss."


Merry Christmas and a Happy, resolution-free New Year.