Friday, December 6, 2013

Things that you may not think you have to buy

Pens. Pens just seem to exist in drawers and bags. It seems like no matter WHAT there will always be a pen from a bank somewhere around for you to find. Until there ISN'T. Then you have to buy some. Also even when you do buy pens they run out of ink, which is always crazy. "Pen, you are useless to me already?! I only bought you 10 months ago"

Pencils. Ditto. But sir, are you using pencils!?!?!? Sharpening it for the bubbles on the SAT?!?!? (Actually I have no idea if this is how the SAT works. I forget.)

Umbrellas. There's always an umbrella lurking in the back of a closet, or behind a door, or in the backseat of a car. Until there ISN'T. Then you have to BUY one. And if you buy a cheap one it will break, and if you buy an expensive one you will leave it somewhere.

Underwear. You think underwear just grows on trees? I wish it DID.

Safety Pins. Ohhhh safety pins just live in the backs of drawers and the bottom of little darling pointless containers you have on your shelf that your aunt gave you when you were 6. They just seem to spawn themselves in bag pockets and jars of buttons n' things. But this isn't little house on the prairie. And safety pins don't reproduce or even grow in mollusks like pearls. So, you have to buy them.

Ditto Bobby Pins

Ditto Hair Things

USB chords, etc. That tub labeled 'electronics' that you shoved in the top of your closet is bound to have a USB chord. Well it probably does. But you only have it because you bought something and it came included. Ok this is a bad example.

Lemons. Lemons need to be bought! Take it from me. I always expect there to be lemons around and there never are.

Peanut Butter. Pantries don't come stocked with PB. You have to buy it, sadly.

Electricity. You need to buy it. That is always a little shocking to me.

Matches. Matches don't just exist waiting for you to use them. And they shouldn't be taken for granted. Fire is a commodity and hard to come by in the wild. Unless you are in a wildfire, but that goes without saying. My POINT: Matches need to be bought or stolen from those hostess tables at restaurants. I bought a candle last month in the sublet and I could NOT FIND matches or a lighter in ANY junk drawer. It was shocking and eye opening.

There you have it. That is all for now.